Sunday, 15 February 2009

Inspiration....... from a 4 yr old

After posting Fridays episode I set off on a local run in the village, achieved by running about 1200 metres in village streets in a 5 mile run:-). That remark aimed at a reader who got dizzy running round the village streets. Out of the house, up the Carman road, through St Peter's College and the golf course, round past the primary, up Darleith Road, through Drumhead, down Red Rd to the A814 and back along to my house. Plenty of options to extend it without crossing my path or using the same street twice! Suffering a bit of pain around my Achilles; possibly from last weeks walk.
No running on Saturday due to domestic duties in preparation for some visitors in the afternoon. My sister Anne, neice Sarah Jane, nephew Ally and Sarah Jane's two sons Jack (6) and Darren (4). My son Andrew is a casual leisure assistant in the Meadow Centre, in Dumbarton and regularly works with disabled kids through a group called Shining Stars. Darren has special needs and we thought that it would be agood idea to bring him up from Irvine to see how he got on at the group. The Saturday sessions are set up so that other family members can participate so we all went along. Jack soon found himself in 6 yr old heaven with someone paid to play football with him, but Darren was brilliant, absolutely loving being on the huge, bouncy castle-type, agility aparatus. I will admit to getting the shoes off and trying it with him, but he alone could climb the ladder to the top of the slide.(I don't think the steps are designed for 6'1" 14 1/2 stone adults. He had a ball and when Andrew took him on the trampoline it made his day. Darren has overcome a lot; even to walk has taken a lot of practice and patience, building muscles and getting coordinated enough to put one foot in front of another. He also has communication problems,although he is more than capable of getting his way!
The whole day was magical and makes me realise how lucky I am to be capable of training for the events I tackle.
Some time ago his parents were asked to pay a lot of money for the specially designed tricycle (in the picture above) to aid him in developing his leg muscles. Either that or wait a long time for funding, which would have delayed the progress he has made. They were about to start some fund-raising, when a mystery benefactor stepped in to pay, for which they are very grateful. However, I reckon that I could take the opportunity to do some fund-raising when I'm running the Fling and the WHW race, in order that, if they are in that situation again, they would have the money available. So add that to my goals. One problem will be that I can't use Just-giving or similar sites as I'm not raising for a registered charity. It'll just have to be the old fashioned sponsor sheets then!

Run today also affected by their visit. Tidying up! Then, of course, I was obliged to sit and watch the Old Firm match, and how boring was that? Saw Everton's first goal before setting off on an easy paced run which turned into a 10 miler, although it finished with the run(and walk!) over the Carman Hill road from the Renton side. Back in time to see the players shake hands and thought that would start off John Kynaston's week nicely. Pity Derby couldn't do the business! By the way, the Derby v Man U game was on Sky channel 993 (ITV London). Too late now, but maybe you'll remember for the 6th round!
Plan for this week involves a long run tomorrow and an attempt to do another on the WHW on Saturday.

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