Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A testing run at JogScotland!

After Saturday's long walk in the hills I was a bit tender around the left knee, nothing serious but a wee bit worrying as I've had some bad experiences in the past with knees like footballs. Laying off running until Wednesday as a precaution, although I'd probably have gone to the club on Tuesday had I not arranged to travel to Embra for the Run and Become Training and Inspiration night. An excellent series of speakers, even if some did waffle on a bit :-)
Very informative and often inspiring, in particular the twins Pauline and Fiona whose enthusiasm for the race was infectious. My passenger for the journey was Jim Robertson who, much against his wishes was called to the floor with (Mad) Jim Drummond (25 goblets between them). Both very forthright with their views and although they have decent PB's for the race, base their preparations on good old fashioned LSD. Long, Slow, Distance. And LESD. Long Even Slower Distance! JR had previously warned me about running on the WHW training runs organised by John Kynaston, knowing, probably, that I couldn't live with the faster runners who take part. In hindsight, he was right. On the first run I got tight calfs running at what I thought was a comfortable pace for the distance, forgetting that I was on an alien surface with serious technical sections. I was knackered on arriving at Inversnaid and got injured on the way back. On the second, most of the group just ran away from me. Now that was fine, I don't expect people to wait for me, but it made it a long run although I turned back early and ran about half the planned distance. That's not to say I was slowest, but,I would have been much better starting an hour earlier. I wanted to be part of the "team" though and paid for it! I was glad to see that Ian Beattie also covered that in his talk and, although he still runs in the groups, doesn't get caught up in the "racing". JR made comment re these training runs, which I thought was a bit unfair, as no-one has to go on them, but his point that some may be put off by reading the times taken to run them and (compared to their own ability) may be discouraging runners was valid. However, that is where the information available to entrants these days, given the website, forum, blogs and e-mail gives us an advantage compared to those running a few years ago (see Ian Beatties talk).
Anyway,nice to put faces to a few names I see on the blogs and forums and look forward to meeting many more.
Back to running tonight, and after procrastinating all day about doing an easy run to try my knee, decided to go over early to JogScotland and run with Jim's group that starts an hour earlier than mine. Lottery on and papers bought saw me a bit late and playing catch up, before jogging slowly to say hello to the girls in his group. Stayed with them, on a three(ish) mile loop, with a few strides to see how the knee reacted and pushing hard up a couple of hills I detoured onto. Everything was fine so I took 12(!) out in my group, including the daughter of a "Flinger". Watch this space as she is a nice runner who is probably a good runner in the making. All managed the first run of the "Advanced level 1" with ease although it was a bit fast in places for a couple, but after explaining that I was there to run with them and not push the fast ones they settled into it and I fully expect them to stay on course.A couple of efforts where I ran from back to the front to keep the leaders on course gave the knee a good try out and absolutely no problems experienced. Must stop turning dramas into crises!

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Subversive Runner said...

I concur with your comments about some of the 'training' runs on the WHW, Davie. I've not been on them but have read about them and they seem to be mini races to me. Surely that's not the point, is it? I thought the ettiquette for training was out together, back together.

Anyway, re: your comment on my blog...nope Ginger Dan missed the VW. He's not a bad driver...better than some on my watch. If the two-tones go U/S, we continue on, blues remain on, the driver will use the horn where possible, but it'll be a delayed attendance. In Battersea there has to be an appliance at the scene within 5 minutes. In this case we were in Wimbledon when we got the shout so it was a delayed attendance, but you can hear H332 (Wandsworth's pump) booking in attendance on the radio before our arrival.

That A82 along Lomondside is lethal in places, ain't it???