Monday, 23 February 2009

My Wife's on Holiday!

For two weeks, too! Except for a course she has to attend tomorrow, I have her company for 14 days. Great! We never get enough time together and the first day? She went for lunch with her pals and I was left with the ironing. Well, OK, it was the same ironing I was doing on Friday but still...
On her return I was ready to run and we went to see her Mum and Dad for coffee and biccies and to see how he got on at the doctor this morning. Good news regarding a wee problem he was having so a bit of relief for Mairi. I ran home from their house which is about six and a half miles although the route I took to avoid traffic took me an extra mile. I started by running along the private road they stay on and then down a steep, quad bashing hill to the quarry gate at the Bowling roundabout. On arrival at which I found locked! No Probs! Three or four years ago it would have been a slog back up the hill but having lost a few pounds since then including 7 pounds in the past few weeks, I just lay down and slid under. Trust me, there were a few years in my life that would have been impossible.
A nice steady run with a few road crossings in rush hour slowing it to 71 minutes. Traffic fumes were bad where I met them but the cycle track through Dumbarton and some back streets to avoid the main roads eased things but made me realise the benefits of night time training with Millies and off road running whenever possible.
Mairi's course is in Glasgow tomorrow. If I'm driving her up I'll go dressed to run and perhaps head for Pollok Park for a few miles, but I'll still aim to get to the club at night, adjusting the length of my club run to suit. We'll see what the morning brings.

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