Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Easy Running

After starting the week with some hard work, I decided the club run on Tuesday would be at an easier pace than I usually manage and the absence of some of the regulars helped create the necessary ambience. But prior to starting I had another sighting of Debs and Cairn, risking life and limb by crossing the road in front of me again. They don't know how dangerous that can be!
Although still a good turn out numerically, only Ian and Garry of my normal group were there as was Stefan, an occasional guest. I sent the three of them off on what they eventually turned into about 8 miles round Balloch, Mollanbowie, Haldane and Old Bonhill. A fairly undulating run in places! That left me running with Catherine. Normally one of JR's group, but really a much better runner than she thinks she is! Anyway, although I still managed to have an easy run, I managed to get her out of her comfort zone..... nicely though. She worked really hard on Mollanbowie, had a breather when we caught JR's lot who had taken a shortcut and gotten ahead of us, then worked even harder round Haldane before heading through Jamestown and over the Bonhill Bridge with just one more hill to go. She was asked, and said she was ok so Catherine had the pleasure of running the full length of the hill right to the railway bridge and getting faster all the way up until she was sprinting at the top.
And she loved it so much and was so chuffed with her effort that I got a hug!
A slow jog back to the club to cool off and then she got to claim bragging rights over Jim's group who took another shortcut back to the club.
Catherine's 10k PB of 52 minutes will tumble this year! Note to Debs; training partner?

Tonight's Jog Scotland group was a bit depleted but still 8 in the group setting off for about 5 miles to add to the three I did prior to meeting them. All easy miles although I did have to work hard for a while when one of the girls set off on a mission. I ran after her to tell her to adjust the route to take account of the time we had still to run and that was the last I saw her as she sped off into the distance. Apparently she had eaten some porridge oats and needed to run off the energy! Add that to the WHW menu.

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