Friday, 13 February 2009

Club run in snow....not in snow

Snow. Nice to look at, nice to run in when it's fresh, but why can't it just disappear all at once never to re-appear until it's ready to snow hard? Last night I appeared at the club to find JR heading out to do hill reps, but cutting back on the reps per set per hill, if you follow me, that meant I would have had to do an extra rep on my own per set or do a full set of hills after the rest finished. Steph meantime was staying off the hills as he is doing the Carnethy 5 on Saturday and decided to do a 10miler out into the cycle track besuide the A82 beyond thge Carrick Golf Course and return. So 4 of us set off on that with Steph and Geraldine taking it a bit slower than yours truly and Brian. Mainly good surface for running but every now and again we would hit slushy, slippy snow or rutted crunchy stuff that does nothing for me except tighten the muscles in preparation for what my pea-sized brain anticipates...... a fall!
Fortunately I didn't fall but by the time I hit the climb out of Duck Bay on the old Luss road, the one covered in aforesaid crunchy icy stuff my muscles were tighter than a tight thing and I had to stop for a stretch and slow down. A pity because it was a nice run until then, apart from the white stuff!
Checking my e-mails this morning I found this from my neice and I post it without comment except to say that it continues the driving theme that the Subversive Runner started on his site.


Marco Consani said...

Hee hee. Love the video, hate the soundtrack..

Davie said...

Sorry, soundtrack not my doing, although I'll admit to the last scene!