Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Counting Hits and Miles

Spent yesterday evening trying to work out how to get a web counter on the blog. Not easy for a technophobe, but I was desperate to see if I was talking to myself. All I need to do now is find out if it counts me logging on to see how many have logged on!
28 in just under 24 hours so at least someone's reading.
To the club tonight where two groups set off on fairly long runs. JR taking his group to Dumbarton and Marco making another appearance to lead us round an extended Horseshoe in reverse to the normal direction with an add on loop through Lomond Shores to add a mile for a total of 11 per schedule. Setting off we ran into traffic problems and with Brian and Marco in front crossing ahead of the cars, by the time we reached the Bonhill Bridge they were already onto the Jamestown road, never to be seen again. I ran with Garry and apart from a short period where he had to tie his laces we pretty much ran ourselves as Jimmy, Geraldine, Ian and Richard followed on. It was a beautiful, clear, moonlit night with enough frost to make it tricky underfoot and a good steady pace a must. Very hilly (in my opinion more so in this direction) but at least I could see where the hills led this time. Good blethering made time stretch a bit, as it seems to take much longer to run the 7 or so miles on the country roads as it does in daylight. It's also amazing how many houses there are up there, as in daylight you don't notice them all but at night when they're lit up they are all the more visible. One strange moment when a car drew up beside us and the lady driver asked what club we were with. Don't know if she wants to join or she is one of these people who don't think runners should be allowed on her country road. I await further developments! We're all pretty well appropriately dressed for running in the dark and most of us had headlamps, the real reason for running in the dark being to get used to running with them. So if she is going to complain she will be quoted the bit from the Highway Code about drivers being at a speed to react to any eventuality! Then again if she wants to join us her house is handy for a water station.
Off to yet another funeral tomorrow, an ex-colleague who was tragically killed on the M8 a fortnight ago. Diane came onto my shift when she joined, dead keen and a very confident, capable officer. She was in the CID and possibly heading for one of the elite Crime Squads, with a great career ahead of her. Sadly missed and I'm sure there will be a huge turnout for a special person's farewell.

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Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Here's another hit for you.

I can't wait to get back out on the horseshoe. It's a top route.

My favourite house is the blue one that sits on the left hand side of the bend at mile five.