Thursday, 19 February 2009

Club night reps

To the club for Thursday night rep session, this time intervals on the 1.1k Polaroid Estate circuit. This is rectangular and the session is run all four sides with one side jog recovery.That means alternate recovery of short leg and long leg. Plenty involved at various paces and as we started at different times due to different warm up distances and pace we all had someone to chase most of the way round. I must say I wasn't looking forward to it but once started felt I put in a good session of 6 reps after a 2+ mile warmup, albeit not the fastest I've run. As I am intending attending the Glee club organised run from Inverarnan to Tyndrum and back on Saturday I was a bit apprehensive as I think I made that mistake a few weeks ago when I did the Balloch Park session before the WHW group run which was a disaster. However, as JR is coming on Saturday, we are leaving the Drovers at 9 (to give the old fella plenty of time :-)) so I might just manage this one! Give him his due though he'll be back out on Sunday with Mad Jim Drummond at Aberfoyle. I'll be thinking of them! Measured tonight's session at 9.5 miles making 45.5 already this week so Saturday will top that off nicely. That gives me tomorrow off. The ironing awaits.

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