Thursday, 23 October 2008

520 miles plus 4

A long days driving in horrendous conditions. I left at 5.30am to get through Glasgow before the rush and had breakfast in Gretna, after driving through horrendous wind and rain, despite this, 5 hours to Goole was good going even though I resisted putting the foot down when past the worst of the weather. a quick turnaround and was pleased to be given a 2.0d x type Jag to bring to Glasgow. I would have been even happier if I could have taken the Civic's seat. The jag was great in the weather, but the seat was a nightmare on my back and consequently my hamstrings. Things didn't go well, either when I got to the A66. It was initially closed to high sided vehicles which would have been fine given my dislike of HGVs on MY road. However just as I got to the Barnard Castle turnoff the sign changed to ROAD CLOSED TURN BACK TO A1.So a 60 mile detour via Newcastle and Hexham, before hitting the rain and winds again once I crossed the border. My only consolation is that the weather was going south. I eventually got home at 5.45 just in time to say hello to my other half and get changed for a club run. Mairi headed to the hairdresser so I didn't feel guilty!
On arrival at the club there were only three others JR(who else?) Charlie and Karen Lees. I only wanted to run, just to fix my stress levels after the drive. I was rattling! So we set off together, but JR soon got tired of me being in front and sent me away on my own as he and Charlie couldn't keep up. I told Karen she was with me as it wouldn't do her any good being with those two and we set off at a suitable pace for her round the Vale, with the route plan being to avoid the usual flooding spots! Karen was one of my JogScotland group before gravitating to Millies, so I felt quite at home giving her my usual monologue about training and keeping a diary......
She is going to Lochaber half marathon in two weeks as part of JR's contingent and was keen to find out what the course was like....... Hope she still goes, Jim

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