Thursday, 9 October 2008

Club Run

Good turnout, albeit some absentees. Big Ed made an appearance and he and I made tentative arrangements to run the Brampton - Carlisle 10 mile race in November, subject to HM Navy not sending him away on a mission. He is the club 10 mile handicap champion, and tonight he announced he would not be defending his title on Sunday as he is not fit. Then he takes me out and runs away from the pack, taking me away with him, and running much faster than I intended. The plan, and some stuck to it, was to run to Cameron House via the Old Luss Road, run through Cameron House, where the Scottish Football Team are preparing for Saturday's international - the cars in the car park being above the even normal high class. Spotted one Scotland t shirt running for the door trying to get out of the rain..... wimp.
Anyway, through Cameron House, Lomond Shores to Balloch, along Main St, through Jamestown, and return to club passing Davie Graham's garage. Anyone free to take any of the myriad shortcuts to suit their own schedule. We usually start slowly together then the group naturally splits after a mile or so, but Ed I'mnotfit set off at the front, my wee legs going three strides to his two (I'm 6'2!) and although some of the pack were running fairly close to us early on, by the time we got to MacDonalds at Balloch we were a group of two. To be fair it was pretty easy pace, although the big guy's Garmin ran out of juice so we'll never know. But by the time we got to Balloch at 4 miles I was feeling the run on Tuesday in my legs. Approaching Bonhil Bridge, Ed decided to go straight home as he stays near Milburn and had baby chores pending. So I finished on my own. As I got to the club Jan and Rob were heading for the car, but as far as I could see everyone else was still out. JR came in when I was showering and said that the girls were in the cafe, they had done a bit less missing Cameron House and adding Balloch park to what we did. Alison, however, had plugged on and did the whole run. Others haven't been seen since the start. Joined them for a cuppa before facing the elements on the way home.
So, Sunday morning at 9am sees the first runner off on the 10(?) mile handicap round the Horseshoe. A toughie and not one I really enjoy. I got an e-mail from Debbie asking if she and Marco could join us for the race. I'm sure they will be welcome and I've told them to contact Steph with their recent times so he can handicap them. I'm sure he'll go by Debs Loch Ness performance as her most recent race is probably the most accurate given her current condition. As for Marco, he can have a long lie and turn up about 11am for his starting time! Anyone else up for it? Just drop Steph a line with this years performances at 10k and half marathon and anything in between. You can get him on the Milburn site at the address on my sidebar.

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