Monday, 13 October 2008


A short working day which took me to Clarkston for a manky Saab, by which I mean dirty on the outside, and then an aborted pickup of a Motability car. That cost me a few quid but meant I could get a recovery run in. 4 miles easy from the village to the first houses in Dumbarton and back.That includes a fairly long steady climb for about a mile but the bonus is it's downhill on the way back.It did set me thinking that I haven't done a session on the hill in Lennox Drive for a while. It's a fairly steep road climb off the Cardross Road and I must do it again fairly soon.
Off to Aberdeen in the morning so I might struggle for the club run.
I've had a good read of weekend postings on the various blogs and can't help but marvel of the way some of the guys (and girls) just keep running the way they do. I'm old and getting grey and it'll take a lot of getting used to. All I want to do in 2009 is complete the Fling and the WHW, and have fun doing it. If successful and no' a broken man I might look for a third ultra later in the year, Rotherham affording a decent rest period and may be an option.
I am convinced that starting running, and never stopping, is the way to do it. No matter how late you start, never stop.No matter how young you are when you stop, you will never regain what you had.I ran as a schoolboy and got to a pretty good standard. Then I gave it all up for bright lights and big cities. When I see guys like Andy Rennie at Irvine, and many others who still run fantastic times I realise what I missed. If you have any influence with young athletes, convince them of this and work as hard as you can to keep them in the sport.

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Lee Maclean said...

Hi Davie,

I love the last sentance of your post. So true.

Mrs Mac x