Thursday, 9 October 2008


No, not the out of town shopping centre at whose very mention most men shudder, but the housing scheme that the overlooks the beautiful Vale of the Leven. I used to shudder at the mere mention of that too, but like many runs I have learnt to enjoy (?) the climb. It was a regular part of training last winter and with the nights fair drawin' in thought it was time to put it back on the schedule. When I was asked what we were doing on Tuesday night, down at t' club (sorry- I was in Yorkshire yesterday) I threw it in as a suggestion and was pleased when three others agreed! However several others declined it's pleasures so it was a fraction of the club turnout who headed out to Renton, over the Polaroid Bridge, through the industrial estate and up the farm track to Beechwood Estate, then round the New Bonhill Housing Estate........ and when Steph and I got to the Main Street, somewhere near sea level again, decided we hadn't done enough and headed to Balloch to add some miles. Our other two amigos Jimmy Mc and Elaine had dropped back and I presume headed back over the Bonhill Bridge to the club. Steph had been suffering from a virus, unfairly described by our distaff members as "man flu" and was pleased to get a fairly long run at pace(?) in. I was just trying to throw off the laziness that I seem to have allowed to develop. 8.3 miles by G map.
URL for this route is:
Didn't get back from Yorkshire in time for JogScotland on Wednesday and as Mairi has a scan on Thursday I've taken the day off to drive her there and back. Good news is the train strike has been called off for today and tomorrow. I've got two jobs, fairly local but they would have been a nightmare without trains as the route is Cardross - East K - Shotts - Bathgate - Glasgow.

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