Sunday, 5 October 2008

London Marathon - Pleased to be rejected!

Earlier this year I ran the London Marathon and couldn't wait to enter next years race, sending off my entry at the earliest opportunity. I had a great time, as did Mairi, my wife. Two weeks later I supported my Milburn clubmates on the Highland Fling, and thought "I could do that". However, they date of the 2009 races were announced, and the are the same weekend! Barely feasible to do both, but would you want to?
In June I ran the last few stages of the WHW race with Jim Robertson, and I was hooked. Desperate to enter I realised that I would have to do the Fling to prove to the Godfather, and to myself that I was capable of the BIG ONE. But what about my marathon entry? Mairi has Rheumatoid arthritis and therefore not prone to following me around the country watching me race, so I have to provide added incentive to entice her south....... like west end shows, nice hotels, meals .... you know the feeling I'm sure. Now I'm faced with the possibility that I will be accepted for London and then have to break the news...... I'm not going, I'm running 53 miles along the WHW, you know, just the other side of the loch from where we stay. Hardly comparable to her weekend treat! So, London Marathon D-Day approached and it was with a bit of trepidation that I went to pick up the mail.Realising the package contained my consolation fleece I had a quiet smile, then wiped it off my face and broke the bad news to Mairi!
So, no need to lie to FLM about my serious injury and beg for a deferment! All systems go for my first ultra!
Now I just have to stop Mairi trying to get me a charity place!

Todays run was a short but hilly off road run on forestry paths and trails at Ardgartan. On my own so didn't do too much. But a beautiful day for a run and the views were spectacular. Picked up some forestry commission leaflets and now looking forward to Mairi going to Dunoon to work for a few days so I can keep her company and spend her working hours on the Argyll trails, and charge my keep to the Government.

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Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Don't want to do London next year anyway. It will be boiling. Trust me the FLM weather alternaties. We had it good this year, so next year will be doomed.

Don't go blaming my theory if it's hot for the Fling too. I didn't book the same weekend.