Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Two run Wednesday

Up early this morning ahead of a busy day at home. Car to garage for it's service and MOT. Failed! broken spring and a brake imbalance, so 239 quid lighter. ran home about 4 1/2 miles at a fairly easy pace before attending to some domestic chores and going to hospital with Mairi for some test results. Good news in that her health remains static.
Some shopping for the ingredients for tonight's curry that was my answer to the what do you want for tea question, but first, off to jog scotland for a 5 mile trip round the Vale, reversing last nights route to take the hill that joggers hate out of the equation. No drama tonight and home in time to see Liverpool play Athletico Madrid.
Typing this then off to bed so I can hit the Goole trip early, hopefully getting home early enough to make the club night. Unfortunately the weather is promising to be horrendous so I'll see how progress goes.


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Chores AND cooking. I'm impressed. Marco watches the football whilst I make the dinner. I'm still trying to work out where my life went so horribly wrong :-)

Davie said...

You were just born 20 years too late...