Sunday, 26 October 2008

Bloody Clocks - Pardon my French

My problems with the changing back and forth of the clocks are legendary and this morning was no different. Arrangements made to be at the club at 8am to run with either Geraldine or whoever else turned up, with a fallback plan of joining JR on the Longcrags behind Dumbarton. Thank goodness for the problems on the OMM or no problem on the OMM depending on whether you believe the BBC or the runners. Switching the telly on to catch up with progress on the "rescue", I soon realised the time was only 6.25am and so I settled down to a larger breakfast then my normal pre-run meal and a couple of cups of coffee. I finally set off at 7.45 rushing as usual to get me gear together. Getting into the car I found my mobile phone that had been missing (but not missed)for a couple of days, and on it a message from Geraldine saying she was meeting Ali at 9.00 to do the Horseshoe. After a bit of humming and hawing about joining JR I decided to stay in the Vale and do a few miles prior to meeting at Ali's to join them on their run. I went to Balloch and parked up, spotting a lesser dressed Marco heading out on his run. Knowing he was to have been on the OMM prior to withdrawing due tom work commitments I looked to bump into him in Balloch, but then spotted him heading along Carrochan Rd towards Gartocharn. Brave man dressed only in shorts, t-shirt and gilet. Hope he didn't get too wet. Anyway, through Lomond Shores, Cameron House and Balloch for half an hour before meeting the girls for a leisurely trip round the Horseshoe. Geraldine and Ali started talking about what dresses Geraldine had to wear to a function she is attending and, having previously crossed her by turning up for training in my FLM finishers t shirt on the same night she did, I had to ask where she was going in order that I didn't make the same mistake again. Come on, you never know, don't knock it till you've tried it!! It turns out that when you and I are looking forward to a cold wet night time run, before settling down to watch the new series of Spooks, the lovely Geraldine is off to dinner with the French Ambassador at the French Consulate! OOH LA LA. Ferrero Rocher galore at the presentation night guys! Last mention of the evening was when she pondered the fact that the French President has a liking for young burds, perhaps someone will whisper "Ah Gjeraldeeen, you must veesit Paree in the springtime" Maybe the search for a man will take a turn for the better soon.
See running with others..... a total of 2 hours trotting, about 12 miles total, much better than running alone. Got wet, sheltered from hailstones, met another couple of runners, one of them a 2008 Flinger, Brian Garry before finishing with a cool down walk (or was Ali just knackered). Back to the car and home to a warm bath with a warning from Geraldine La Currie "What happens on tour stays on tour". However it hasn't happened yet, and you didn't tell me in confidence, so it's fair game I say!

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