Monday, 13 October 2008

Milburn Harriers 10 mile Handicap Shock as Debbie beats Marco

That's right folks, Debbie (+1) beat Marco in the Millies' 10 mile race yesterday morning. Held over the traditional Horseshoe course which measures something more than 10 miles and is tactfully described as undulating. Or "@*&ing hilly.
A 9am start for the front runners and rather generous handicaps for some of them given that we are all meant to finish in a dead heat. I never saw half of them again. Including club captain Chris Coyne, who toddled off with the winners trophy. Good to see a few guests turning out from nearby clubs and Jogscotland. However, it is thought that Steph worked out the handicaps late in the evening of the last club social night, such was the disparity of starts. For my own part, I ran 78 minutes 45 which was good enough for 3rd place in both handicap and men's scratch. Lindsay Cunningham of Garscube was fastest scratch in 63.53. Fastest lady was Elaine Somerville at 76.05 But I must repeat my headline..... Debbie 1.40.36 was waiting at the finish to see Marco .... 1.04.10. And I thought the handicapper was being tough on her!
Quite a few of the runners were patiently waiting for me to finish, but more had just buggered off without a farewell.More fool them, as Jan had been baking and the flapjacks and carrot cake, as well as the shortbread and choccie biscuits produced by the other members, made for a nice al fresco post race picnic.
One nice footnote; you may remember I wasn't at my best last weekend and my wee pal Jimmy left me to walk/jog back from the Carrick. His explanation being that he didn't want to get my sweat all over his wife's car seats. Well, he had a three minute start on me yesterday and arrived at the start looking as bad as I felt last week. I took pity on him and gave him a bottle of water to re-hydrate. Off he went and I caught him about halfway, asked after his state of health, then just buggered off and left him to suffer........ He who laughs last...... join my wee club Jimmy, you know it makes sense.
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Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Check out my blog for the beating who took on Saturday night too. My trophy is much bigger than his! Te he.

Thanks again to you and a lovely Millies gang. We had a fabulous time.

Marco Consani said...

eek. Yes I have to admit defeat. Not only in running but also in the house too.
I have to pick you up on a wee typo though. I didn't finish in 1.14.10. I was 1.04.10. Just behind Lindsay.

Thanks to all the millies for a wonderful race.


Davie said...

And here's me thinking I ran you to 4 minutes!!!!!