Saturday, 4 October 2008

I met Arthur too.........

A week since my last entry. Several reasons. Over work, under trained and frustration.
The company I work for let me down a bit this week, sending me to jobs that had been cancelled and to jobs that existed but without the proper information to do the job. I was in Goole on Monday and probably got a ticket from a speed camera on the A66, local runs on Tuesday, off wednesday, a burach of a job on Thursday involving six cars and a transporter. Then they sent me to Dundee to pick up a car to go to Goole, only to find that the customer had changed the pickup to Tuesday, but my office hadn't picked up on the change. When I contacted them, they sent me on to Aberdeen to pick up another car and asked me to take that to Goole. I refused, as I would have been driving home after midnight, so I've got the car at home to take down next week. Then my boss phoned to say I've picked up a speeding ticket from a trip three weeks ago. So that'll be two of the buggers. My first ever but makes me thnk twice about driving as a job, as I don't want to pick up a ban, for someone elses benefit.
The other reason I didn't want to go down to Goole so late was that I was invited to one of my old colleagues retirement. Unfortunately I met Subversive Runner's pal Arthur. I hadn't made his aquaintance for a long time, at one time I did without him and his pals John and Ron for 5 years. Met a lot of old faces and picked up some gossip. Some of which I read in full on the front of todays soaraway Sun (Scottish edition). The Scottish Police Federation Chairman's son, also a cop, suspended for drug related activities....... very embarrassing.

Why do we have police? So firemen can have heroes!

So I set out for a ten miler with Jimmy Mc this morning. I don't know how some of you bloggers do it. Social events and running definitely don't mix in this runners legs! Got to about 5 miles when my breakfast decided to make an appearance, then came a blinding headache. Reduced to a walk and sent Jimmy on to finish his run. Thinks: "He'll get his car and come back for me," - NOT. Thanks Pal.

Runs this week were a six miler at the club on Tuesday, 5 mainly off road on Wednesday, then todays 10 or was it seven I ran? There was a lotta walking. Certainly not WHW material. Maybe more time next week as I have two days off and only one trip south at the moment. Certainly considering a change of job. Any offers considered.

Social night for the club at Bar51 tonight. Clubmate Steph stays at no 51, and he has a very socially designed, basement recreation area. He has invited the club along for a few shandies and a blether about plans for next year - and this winters training.
I'm taking the car! I might manage to run tomorrow.........

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