Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Club night - easy run

Popped along to club as usual, and was able to settle for an easy 5 miles, no watch, no pace, no bother. After resting yesterday following Sunday's race I was still stiff especially since I had to drive from Aberdeen this afternoon. It was a rather nice Civic which wanted to go fast, but I was responsible and kept to the speed limit.
Times published for Aviemore show my gun and chip times to be the same (1.44.42) which is strange as it took me quite a wee while to go through the start. I suppose I must be one of the few problems. Never mind, I won't let it put me off going back next year, and dragging a few Millies with me!

A wee problem after my shower. Brian, the caretaker asked me to find Big Charlie whose wife had been involved in a bad crash just after we went for our run. Charlie was with JR's group and I went and got him from Lomond Shores where they had been doing their session. The info I was given was that she had shock and whiplash so we went to the Vale Jail to find out what had happened. Turned out she was home uninjured so all was well. That meant I missed the start of the football, but didn't miss the good bits %-)

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