Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year New Route

Turned up for the New Year run with Andy, Jan and Rob, and JR. met at 10am and waited a few minutes for any late arrivals before setting off on the run round Boturich that has become the standard NYD route. Jan and Rob are thinking of emigrating to New Zealand this year so it's probably their last time and Andy is a new member out on his first NYD run. I've done four or five but of course JR has been doing 'em since 1980.
Soon after setting off it was noted that JR was making the most of his passout from the family, who are home for New Year, and had quickly fallen behind the fairly easy pace. I decided to turn back and run with him,knowing how he suffers in the cold from the effects of his pleurisy of three years ago. Anyway he keeps telling me to slow down so why not?
I'm glad I did. As usual he was full of chat,tales of yesteryear and good advice. Then the real bonus. As we passed a lady with a couple of dogs we stopped to wish her the compliments of the season, and Jim was asking her if she had started running yet! He then pointed out her house was right beside one of his secret trails and then proceeded to take me round a wee loop that was a joy to run!
I'd share it with you but then I'd have to kill you.:-)
Finally following the Whinney Hill trail lower slopes into the park and down to the gates for about 7 miles, suitably slow on a lovely day for a run. A Lucozade Sport each to toast Ne'erday and home for a quick bite of lunch and then a trip to my in-laws for dinner...... another terrific meal!

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Debbie Martin-Consani said...

We passed you on Thursday morning. We were on our way to Conic Hill. Definitely a gorgeous day to be out and about.
Happy New Year.