Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Back in the Fold

Club night tonight with a photo-shoot to provide some colour for the local press report and the club web-site. I also wanted some pics of some of our girls who had taken part on Saturday. As they had started running at JogScotland before coming to the club,I thought that the JogScotland folk at Scottish Athletics might appreciate an article.Here is a wee look at why Jim is still running!
Most of the girls made up our relay teams, but Christine, the one with Jim's leg over her, ran the whole 53 miles. Everyone is dead chuffed for her.

Now,Mrs Consani made a comment on my last entry asking if we were doing our usual 12 mile trail run this evening. She didn't think we'd dare following Saturday's race, did she?
Well guess what? Jimmy Mac suggested the run we took Debbie on a few weeks ago. It was to be easy as we were recovering and Steph is doing Stuc a Chroin at the weekend. However, there were some who hadn't run at the weekend, and the easy pace was a bit faster than that although not much. Along the Leven and Loch Lomondside (an easy section!) I stopped for a widdle in Balloch Park,leaving myself a few yards behind the others as we started the climb through Fairy Glen, a steep, twisting trail that leads us to Whinney Hill gates. I managed halfway before my legs told me they weren't going any further without the assistance of a rescue helicopter! The others carried on,but I wimped out, cutting my run to a mere 70 minutes, running across Balloch Park and through another two parks back to the club for a shower and a blether with JR who had sensibly opted for a shorter, even easier run! We were discussing Saturday, as you do, and remarked on the terrific support we had - and not only the drivers.Most of this lot below either ran or turned up at some point of the day to help, and that didn't include the family members, and JogScotland members who appeared at various points of the day. Thanks to every last one of you, your support was incredible.

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