Monday, 6 April 2009

A Christening

Back out tonight after a lengthy time stuck within easy reach of the loo. No more information as it's not a pleasant story. Pulled on the new Mizuno Wave Harriers to break them in and set off across the golf course in an effort to find a few trails that I knew were there but just couldn't nail down. As a result I had a poor mileage of 4 miles on the Garmin but given that mile 2 took 20 minutes to run you'll realise that I found some toughies. There were however a few dead ends and non existent ones, having overgrown since I saw them from the fairways a few years back. I lost count how many tree trunks I had to scramble over and combined with some burn crossings, where the Harriers, by now well and truly christened, scored lowly on slippy rocks, it turned into a tough run all in. Finished off along the shore past the sawmill in just over 50 minutes. The shoes were great on and brilliant on the trail and in the fields I crossed, but slipped on the aforementioned stepping stone and on the concrete breakwater at the sawmill where I stepped on to avoid a pothole and promptly slipped back off again.
Most of the new trails I found were pretty well worn and were within the grounds of the old St Peter's Priest College, long ago abandoned and which really should be pulled down. It is beloved of those who worship the concrete and steel architecture of the 60s and always the subject of this appeal or that appeal to have it restored. Not worth it! Pull it down and give the ground to the community who can develop the grounds and paths for recreational purposes.
The trails, to get back on subject, link up to the road that formed part of the Farmyards run of last Tuesday so I'll use them from the house to get onto the Carman without having to take my life in my hand running on the hill road. It's bad enough driving it and as I went across tonight to take my son to the Vale nearly got wiped out by a clown coming round a blind bend on the middle of the road. He was lucky it was a car he met, the next vehicle was a small lorry that wouldn't have made it through the gap he was trying to leave. A regular occurrence I'm afraid as many people can't judge where their nearside wheel is in relation to the edge of the road. The worst are the 4x4s, yep, the ones that are built to drive off road!

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Tim said...

I thought perhaps you were being unfair to the old seminary but having had a look (, I'm inclined to agree with you!