Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Club Run - Sorry Mr Farmer

A few faces missing tonight with the Easter break obviously affecting the turn out, and a few of the regulars off walking and running on the WHW.
Whilst driving round to the club I passed Debbie and Cairn off to meet Marco off the train. The plan was to hand the boss to Marco and Debbie was coming with us on our 12 mile run, with the promise of some off road running. I got changed and then all three Consanis appeared loking a bit like drowned rats from the walk from the station. I introduced Cairn to the ladies and listened to the ooos and aaas. Last time Debbie saw them she was a little larger! I'll keep the details short to encourage Debbie to post her views of the run! Suffice to say she got wet, muddy and maybe a bit tired. We ran to the Alexandria/Renton boundary at the Vale academy where we went onto the cycle track to Balloch. Across the bridge and into Balloch Park at the hotel,following the path along the Leven to the loch. At the far end we had a discussion about whether we went to the Whinnie Hill, but the response was "12 miles, as much off road as possible". So I eschewed the usual run up Heart Attack Hill for the trail alternative, and soon the group stretched. By the time I got to the top, Whinnie Hill was off the menu, and I suggested a route JR took me on New Years Day. As I say, I'll leave Debs to fill in the details, but I will admit that a farm gate, climbed on the hinge side as recommended failed the Big Davie Test. Sorry.Back to Balloch by a more direct route and back along the cycle track having run 2 hours for the 12 miles (almost exactly, Debs!) See me, see navigation...


Marco Consani said...

I thought you lot were tough. What happened to Whinney Hill?
Cairn and I had a great (dry) time watching TV and eating dinner.


Davie said...

I am firmly of the I hate Whinney Hill Brigade. Any excuse not to run up that god-forsaken hill is a good one. Anyway some struggled to keep up with me on Fairy Glen so WH would have been a long excursion and your roof could have been leaking by the time Debs got back to feed you:-)

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

See you, see your back I did.
I was broken by the time I got home. Don't think my legs were quite ready for that. I lost count of the number of times I said "I haven't run up a hill since last June".

What's on the cards for next Tuesday?

Davie said...

You'll feel the benefit..... somewhere about Lundavra in August!
Next Tuesday? 12 miles steady, off road whenever possible.
The Tuesday after? 12 miles steady off road whenever possible
The Tuesday after.......?

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

...you'll be in crutches! :-)