Friday, 24 April 2009

It's Tomorrow??!!!

Had along lie this morning and I'm going to bed early, so this will be brief as I've a car to load and food to prepare.
My preparation has been pretty poor since early March when I ran 31 miles. Since then I did pretty well in my medium length runs but on the weekend I should have been doing 40ish I had pretty bad diarroea and after I recovered I felt it was too late to do a really long run and recover in time for the Fling. I stepped up the number of medium runs, got on the hills and trails and in the past week I've cut down on distance and number of runs, with a lot of walks to compensate. Unfortunately I am feeling, instead of very tired and sore big muscles, pain in lots of wee wans that I wouldn't normally feel, but reading other taper stories that's not unusual. My wife and son are supporting me on Saturday and last weekend was spent on a familiarisation trip to show her the checkpoints and meeting places so that I get regular sustenance. A drop bag for Inversnaid and some bars and gels in my bum bag or Camelbak should look after the nutrition between points.
As for a time..... absolutely no idea and absolutely no concerns about how long it takes. And that's not like me. I usually weant to finish as fast as possible,but this is about increasing the length of that long run as opposed to running a race.
My next problem will be keeping it going whilst in Portugal as I fly out on the 4th of May. If I can't cope with running long in the heat, than I'm going to have a problem getting enough training in to justify running the big one. However if I manage it I'll have some valuable experience in coping with the heat in the event that June is a sizzler. Which will be first.
On checking my e-mail this morning, club-mate Brian Garry, who has been piling in the miles, has been notifies that he is in the WHW race, having been waiting patiently on the reserve list. He'll do really well, I'm sure. Brilliant news, Brian.

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Thomas said...

Davie, first to answer your question, yes, it is tomorrow.
Taper pain is a phenomenon. And I hope it is only taper pain! How can I pull a muscle even without leaving the couch and not moving? All I did was using the remote and suddenly a sharp pain in my left leg! I am not kiddn...

See you tommorrow