Thursday, 9 April 2009

Club Night - Solo Run for Davie Naepals

The usual Thursday session is hill reps but I am looking to fire in some steady mileage so opted out. A few wavered about coming with me but team spirit prevailed and I was on my own. Set off on a slightly extended Horseshoe, avoiding Main St as it's usually busy at the shops and we usually run along Middleton St anyway.
Nice steady pace catching the men's jogging group by Tulliechewan and plodding through Balloch reaching the Gartocharn Road and the first of the hills in about 17 minutes. Soon moving quite steadily, even on the hills and as usual getting faster than I should.
The wee hill at Caldarvan Station did my legs as usual but by then I'm heading back to the Vale and shortly afterwards the Haldane came into sight. Not the nicest part of the Vale, although far from the worst, but always a nice sight on this run as it means you are well on the way home. Pretty breezy, but on my back for the first few miles and when it started to hit me head-on I had reached the mainly downhill section. Back into the town and pleasantly surprised to finish in 87 minutes. Missed the rep crowd but back well before JR whose run was extended by a police incident on the Leven. Apparently they found a body in the river near the golf club at Dumbarton.
Never a dull moment with Milburn.

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