Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ghost Writing Is Going Too Far

I'm writing this my self! No wife, girlfriend (a what?), partner, better half or significant other will be typing my blog! Subversive and Mrs Mac writing each other's was bad enough but now DQ is doing the business on his princess..... nooooo,that's not what I meant to say!
But anyway where is this all going? Will Eilidh and Cairn be booting up the laptops to do Dad's (or Mum's). Hmmmm Maybe not a bad idea. After all Cairn did not a bad job of telling the story of his birth and the fuss made thereafter. And he could start by dissing the Godfather about that feeding bottle. A WHW feeder tasting of Midges?
And wee Eilidh could talk about climbing huge hills in Milton Keynes whereas to Dad they are wee molehills.Or maybe not. :-))
Brian's last post on the WHW website questioned his motivation and he was soon put right as to where to look. I got a wee lesson tonight to back up the kick I got from my JogScotland group last night.
Tonight was the club 5 mile handicap. I decided to give it a miss and acted as timekeeper. Steph who is our race coordinator was away on business but left a handicap list, although he left me with a bit of work to do with some newer members.
First away was Charlie, an old time Millie making a comeback last year in a bid to shed weight and get fitter. He has worked hard for a long time, struggling to keep up, but never shirking the enormous task he had in front of him. Tonight he got his reward, winning the handicap race by nearly two minutes. He thoroughly enjoyed his run being able to work away at a pace with which he was comfortable, no need to work harder to keep up, and slowing when he struggled. Then he realised that he was within a mile of the finish, no-one had passed him and he was then able to pick up his pace for a good finish, tired and happy with his effort. A minute after he finished he looked as if he could do it again! Such is the joy this sport gives us. I got as much enjoyment as he did, with none of the effort. Mind you, the aforementioned handicapper will be getting it in the neck, and Charlie has been advised that he has had his moment of glory!


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

My Cairn tells fabulous stories. Have I told you how advanced he is? :-):-)

Where you guys heading tomorrow? I'm doing the horseshoe with Sara, but not 'til 7.30.

Davie said...

It'll be dark. Don't scare the sheep!
I have my car at Lindsays so will run home and may have to run back and get it, so the club is looking like a bit too far as that's 11 miles all told. Jog Scotland on Wednesday, where I've foolishly agreed to run the 1 1/2 hrs again with a girl who missed it last week. Then I'll rest for Saturday......