Tuesday, 14 April 2009

An Easter Disaster

Running on Sunday and Monday for a total of 15 miles, Sunday's being a road run into Dumbarton and back with a loop in the town. Monday was an away day to visit my folks in Irvine and to see the progress of my neice's son Darren, who has been mentioned before apropos my fundraising aim for the WHW races. I'll post some photo's later but he has come on a treat since I last saw him, both physically and in communication. He is really finding the benefit of his trike and has had an amazing increase in the power of his legs. I also went for a run down there, using the Eglinton Park trails before running into Irvine for a nostalgic lap of the Town Moor and the recreation park where I did most of my youthful running.
Today was a disaster as I was up early to attend the funeral of a special friend's father who died earlier in the month aged 89. My wife was going straight to work afterward, so we decided to take both cars and I'm afraid the Green Gods were against me for that. First of all I discovered the car covered in birdshit, and I mean COVERED IN BIRDSHIT. A visit to the two local car washes that early meant I was disappointed, but, as there was no way I was going to any funeral in a car like that, I went to a car wash in Clydebank near the chapel. This was a brushless affair with a super-powered jet wash where the roller brushes would be. So bloody super-powered it sent the water into my air conditioning unit and into the footwell on the passenger side. I don't want to know how much it will cost to fix, suffice to say I can't afford it with my holiday in two weeks. No transport to training tonight and I'm pretty much pissed off at the world so can't be arsed going anyway.
The only good thing is reading Tim's post that it's better being 10% under-trained than 1% over-trained. The former sums me up at the moment as I know I lack at least one long run in my buildup to the Fling, but hope that my feeling of improved overall fitness isn't an illusion.

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