Thursday, 2 April 2009

No Running!!

Damn. Wednesday night turned into a bit of a bourach (or should that be Boruc?). A bourach (gaelic) is a mess or a muddle hence the new spelling. Two of the jogleaders called in sick and another is in the US so I ended up with the beginners group for what turned out to be a slow mile on the cycle track and a walk back to the club before setting off anti clockwise to meet my own group for the final part of their own run of 1hr 20. Ticked all the boxes then headed home to watch the footie. Bed after that as I felt a bit tired but when I woke in the morning to take my wife's car to Lindsay's for it's service I had to make a loo stop. No more information, unless Dr Silke wants it! Suffice to say I haven't eaten since breakfast and have had sweats, shivers and other symptoms you don't want to know. So I must miss the club hill race (oh dear how sad never mind) although I have to go over to see the previous secretary (nearly said old secretary but she'd take that the wrong way) before she sets off to walk the WHW. If need be I'll hold a watch but I really think I'd better stock up with fluids and some tummy stuff......... men!

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Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

sorry to hear you're not well.