Wednesday, 15 April 2009

JogScotland - end of block run

Only 5 made it to the end of the block tonight, a tad disappointing given the efforts they had made during the 10 week session. However, one was forced to work a back shift at short notice, one has a problem with her shoulder popping out (karate injury that affects her running) and another had to miss due to the school holiday. The goal for the advanced group is to run for 90 minutes, and all five easily achieved that and indeed ran a bit more as I misjudged the route timing. From the CE Centre we ran to Renton footbridge then back along the cycle track to Lomond Shores, then turned along Luss Road to the Duck Bay/Cameron House entrance off the A82. A run through the grounds of Cameron House and surprisingly the three at the front turned UP the hill past the lodges. Nice to see as it is a tough wee climb. I followed with the two at the back and then we ran along the Main St back to the club. As we passed the magic 90 minutes mark I told the two girls they had the choice of easing off, having attained the goal or continuing as they were. The three in front at that point appeared to start racing! Now I like a wee challenge so, giving them about a 100 yards of a start I set of after them, catching them quite quickly, and continuing to finish at a pace in order to get to the Centre in order to applaud their effort as they finished. Just a wee touch of recognition that I like to give them for their efforts over the session. They covered exactly 9 miles tonight, probably the best effort of all the groups I've taken on the advanced programme. And two of them finished with a sprint!
Maybe not quite of the standard that features in the WHW blogs, but a tremendous achievement for the participants that Jog Scotland targets and it's a pleasure to be part of that success.

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Brian Mc said...

Good on them, and on you for leading the runs. It's all about personal effort, which is entirely relative.