Thursday, 15 January 2009


Another good turnout and for once we all stayed together, heading out to the Strathleven Industrial Estate, at Bonhill for a rep session.Over a mile and a half to the estate for a warmup then running a lap of the one way system approx 1k with a jog recovery along one side. 5 reps that I ran fairly steadily although not timed. I was complaining of a stiff back (sacro iliac joint) that was probably due to tight quads pulling on the pelvis, so I didn't blast out as I normally do. Still, it was a reasonably even paced effort throughout and I'm quite pleased with them. Same run back to the club for a total of about 7 miles. A shower then a cuppa and a biscuit with JR in the cafe. OK I had some of his chips too. Another chance to steal some of his knowledge. And he had lunch this week with Mad JD, so watch this space as they'll have something up their sleeves.

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Hi Davie. I wasn't entirely sure who you were when you posted a comment on my site.. but now I am! I enjoy your blogs. I'm really getting into the blog thing and enjoying myself! It's a while new community, isn't it?!