Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Club Night - Taking a Pounding

As expected on arrival at the club, the wags were waiting for me, and I don't mean Wives and Girlfriends. Those who hadn't heard the story of Sunday's escapade were soon filled in! The others had even more exaggerations and embellishments for their edification. (Sounds like that Good Old Days music hall prog). Thanked Steph for his efforts, above and beyond, in looking for me and then demanded a full route briefing for tonight's run!
8.6 miles by G map into Dumbarton with a loop through the Newton. Familiar enough that even I couldn't go astray. However, on reaching the Vale industrial estate at Strathleven we started catching the ladies of the Dumbarton Tuesday JogScotland group, seemingly hunners o' them. Running well and it wasn't until the top of Townend Rd that we caught the last of them - arguing about their route!!!! You can join Milburn anytime girls!
78 minutes after starting we were back at the clubhouse, arriving at the same time as the other group who had set off with JR. They were arriving from north and south of the Centre and were arguing about where they were told to go!
Le plus ca change le plus ca le meme chose!
Grabbed my gear and drove home to watch the mighty Rangers stutter their way to more cup glory....

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