Thursday, 8 January 2009

Club run 7.5 miles

A cracking turnout at the club tonight and we all set of together for an 8 mile loop of Bonhill, Haldane and Jamestown with the option to miss some of the loops for the less fit. As we were leaving a young lady in running gear came in and walked past us until she found Geraldine who looked less gruesome than the rest (only marginally mind) and asked if we were Milburn Harriers. A quick introduction and she was told to join in, and as we had a blether it turned out this was Sarah, a friend of Debbie and Marco's and who had been part of Debbie's support team on last years WHW. She settled into a good run and seemed to enjoy her run. She stays near me too, and we run on the same routes, so might manage to have the odd run together. After reaching the top of the hill in Haldane I found myself at the front with Richard, Andy and Stefan and after Mollanbowie Stefan found it a bit hard and dropped off the pace, so as we went through Balloch it became a bit hairy with the three of us pushing on and blaming the others. Thank God for inconsiderate cars, who broke the rhythm at various junctions and scaled the testosterone rush down a few notches.
58 minutes or thereabouts (no watch running) so considering the first mile was at the usual easy pace and the hills involved wisnae a bad run.
Off to another funeral in Campbeltown tomorrow and as we are missing another the same day near Strachur, we will have to go and visit a grave on Saturday so I'll miss the club cross country (what a shame).


Sara Monty said...

that is very kind Davie, but I'm pretty sure it was my pace as opposed to the hills that were slowing Steph down! I really enjoyed gettng back into a run, thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome!


Subversive Runner said... you reckon Patellofemoral pain syndrome would be remedied by barbell squats?? I thought maybe an imbalance in quads might be the reason (as discussed in blogland last year). I've been doing them and the pain was absent for a recent (veeeerrrryy short) run.


Davie said...

Good to have you along Sara. Maybe you can start to tell us about your runs by blogging them. Great motivational tool, honest!

Billy said...


Meant to comment on your Good, Bad and Ugly post but you post so often, it's buried at the bottom of the page now.

Regarding your shoes, I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it. Maybe you should start stockpiling Wave Riders now - they're bound to discontinue them just when you least expect it. You mentioned Tigers. I had a few pairs of those - what a shoe! They were a must-have for road racing in the 70s. Asics should bring them back, I'm sure there would still be a demand.

Subversive Runner said...

Davie, thanks for the answer to my query above. I was overjoyed to manage a pain-free run. If I can ever return the compliment please ask....although I'm not sure what information I posess that might be of use to you, Sir......I could recommend some 14.5% red wine at under a fiver a bottle????!!!