Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Learning Curve

Two runs today, both very slow in keeping with instructions to sloooow doooowwn.
At lunchtime I persuaded my son and heir to don his trainers and join me for a trail run, heading for the reservoirs at the top of Sinclair St in Helensburgh. One of two reasons being that I wanted to investigate how far a new trail ran, east of the main rd and running behind new buildings built by the cooncil for either cleansing or sewage reasons. The answer is not far although had we wanted to follow a right of way across Helensburgh Golf Club I suppose it could have gone a fair distance. The other reason being that as I wanted to do about 7 miles today and, as I was going to take my JogScotland group,I knew I had to do some running on my own to get that distance logged. My wife is always nagging me to train with my son, who is more into resistance training and hates me running away from him, so I invited him to join me in the early run. He did fine considering he spent most of the run on his arse or sliding about in the mud as he was wearing his road shoes. Hope he doesn't realise I have two pairs of traillies or he'll be off with my Inov8s. I finished off with some gentle strides on the reservoir bank while he sucked in some oxygen. Good father son bonding exercise, although he'll want a return fixture with some free weights and swimming.
At the jogging group, the ladies turned up with the usual excuses for not going too far, but three of the five did as they were asked and rattled off 4 and a 1/2 miles in 50 minutes. Two took a short cut, but at least they tried. Bless them!

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