Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Easy running

Tonight was my JogScotland group night, but, as I have been doing, I decided to do an additional run to make sure I logged the scheduled miles before going there in case I'm asked to take a beginners group. So I met Jimmy, Geraldine and Ian who usually meet at 5pm for their recovery run of 5 miles, a wet miserable experience as the rain in the Vale was teeming down. I'd brought a change of tops but hadn't brought extra tights or jackets and the ones I had on were saturated. As I had an hour to wait until the girls arrived for their jog, I decided to go home and do a complete change. On my return I took 6 out for about 4.5 miles and by this time it was snowing quite heavily. No complaints from the girls though, even though one of them was in a gilet. It's good to see so many of them turning out on such nights, there must have been about 25 in all groups plus JR's 5.30 group who just kept running when they got back to the leisure centre and also did a double session. If they keep going in this weather they'll do fine in the summer. From my point of view it's good to have a group to run with at a pace that is more akin to WHW pacing than I get with club runs and certainly not when I'm on my own.
I've also arranged to get a massage from Linda on Friday. We used to regularly get massages from each other on an imaginary tenner basis, where money didn't change hands, but I must owe her a few. This week my quads and hammies are tight so it'll be good to get a rub.

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