Monday, 19 January 2009

Warmest Weekend

I missed a weekend's training due to the lower back pain I was suffering on Thursday. I went to Linda for a massage on the Friday and felt she had released most of the muscular tension. However, whilst I could have run on Saturday, I had to wait in until my brother-in-law arrived or my wife came back from her morning visiting. However, neither happened till late afternoon and then I had to do the tidy up following the putting up of the flat screen telly. That included re- wiring the sound system, as she who must be obeyed wanted the sky+ and home cinema in a cabinet, with limited access for my mitts to get in about the wiring. Result was the back seized up again precluding any running on Sunday morning. So I gave it some serious heat treatment and stretching, hot water bottle being the favoured method. It seemed to work and when I got up this morning, things were much better. More heat this morning and a bit of massage using a Woolies thingy my wife bought me yonks ago and that I put to the back of a cupboard, where I found it this morning. Seemed to have done the trick so I set off for a wee run just as the snow was falling. Two miles out, the first fairly steady, the second up hill, before turning and pushing it a bit harder on the way back. 18 mins out 16.15 back. One of those runs that is uncomfortable as every wee niggle is looked on as a potential muscle ripper, but the upside is that I felt I was running freely enough to be able to go on a longer run tomorrow....
Now I need to think what caused it, was it being on my feet so long in cold wet weather on Sunday? My two runs on Wednesday with an hour between them, again in cold wet and snowy weather. Or is it sitting on my A*** at this laptop slouching? Or is my mattress about to go out the door? When I work it out things can only get better.

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