Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Club 8 miles (With the New Daddy)

Sitting around waiting on the latecomers at the club when I became aware of a presence beside me and turned to find Marco waiting patiently to ask if he could join us. A pleasure sir! Sitting right beside me, of course, was Brian, husband of Deb's midwife Lesley and a Flinger with a desire to run the WHW if he gets in. So a quick introduction before we ventured out and everyone else got a chance to congratulate him.
Condolences,and a cuddle, though for Marion who lost her father last week.
Setting off at an easy pace that soon picked up a wee bit as Pat and Marco headed the pack with Steph and I just behind. Quite a group going all the way to Arden roundabout whilst some, I presume, turned off at Cameron House. Out to the roundabout in about 35 minutes. A short break for a call of nature, before Steph set off at a fair lick. At Duck Bay, Marco went after him pulling Pat away and leaving me weel behind. I got back with a slightly shorter return trip by missing the Park St, Middleton St finish and finished with Steph, who went the other way, and he clocked the run at 66 minutes, back in 31.
Good conversation on way out with Marco chuffed with the new addition and with Debs part in it, rating it almost as hard as his dog bite experience when he was bitten in the bum by a poodle when doing reps in Kelvingrove Park. At least that is his story for an injury incurred in one of Glasgow's more notorious haunts (for love bites on the bum if you catch my drift)! At least Deb's photos are nicer.
Anyway, a good fast run for a club night and. although I faded from the front, I was pleased with the effort.

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Debbie Martin-Consani said...

OMG! Was he still going on about the dog bite?:-)

Sorry I couldn't hold off until Thursday. Cairn has obviously inherited some Sonic-power.