Monday, 26 January 2009

A Bad Day on the West Highland Way

Up early for breakfast then a drive to Balmaha where about 16 WHW runners organised by John Kynaston gathered for a run to Inversnaid and back. Due to a bereavement, John had to miss the run and Ian Beattie took over the organisation. A number of runners made alternative arrangements and I was the only Millie to go with this group. And, although I hate to admit my mistakes, I should have gone with the other Millies, as the WHW group set off far too fast for my ability and after only a couple of miles I was struggling. Absolutely nothing in my legs, possibly due to lack of recovery from midweek training. Admission time; JR had repeatedly told me that I would suffer from going with this group, but I wanted a bit of their fun and decided that I would go regardless of his advice. By the time I got to Rowardennan I was mentally goosed. Decided to turn back as did another couple, one of who had sprained his ankle. On the return journey I met Joe, who had ran from Drymen and turned back at Rowardennan, reaching Balmaha 5 minutes or so after me and accepting a lift back to Drymen during which we had a good blether. Then Jo, Jimmy, Ian and Geraldine from Milburn followed by the group led by Harvey the dog, with Mr and Mrs Pacepusher and friends being paced by their canine master who got a bit of a fright when a fool screamed "Harvey" on seeing him for the first time.
Getting back to Balmaha was delayed even further by taking a wrong turning on top of the hill at Balmaha. I went left instead of right and found myself slithering down a slope towards the main road. A difficult climb back up to avoid skiting out of control before finishing at the car park. Cold, wet, miserable and looking forward to a hot bath. I am very disappointed in my long runs lately, none of which have gone to plan. Time to get back to some serious planning and club companionship rather than doing my own thing and getting more and more disillusioned with progress. That's if they'll have me!


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

We all feel like that sometimes Davie. Like you said some good planning and a good run under your belt and everything will feel positive again!

kenzie said...

I will put a word in for you!