Saturday, 17 January 2009

Not a Running Post

Well, not entirely. I'm stuck in the house in case my wife doesn't return in time for my brother-in-law arriving to do a wee handyman job for me - given my hands are only for stopping my face hitting the ground when I fall.
Things are a little stiff in the sacro-iliac despite a brilliant massage from my pal Linda yesterday. I'll probably need at least another to get back to anything like full mobility. Probably a result of the slow stuff and time on my feet so I'm going for a couple of shorter long runs back to back this weekend. Hopefully I'll adapt! I would heartily recommend Linda for a sports massage if your in the Dumbarton area.
I've just watched a recording of the women's bobsleigh with Scottish athlete Gillian Cooke in the British team. I've become an addict just because I read on the Scottish Athletics website that she was in the team this year and she and her "driver" (?) Nicky Minichello are getting in amongst the medals now and I've no doubt will be heading for the winter Olympics next year. A terrible crash for one of the other teams helped them to European Championship Bronze and World Cup bronze. They had a bit of bother on one of the corners but with another year of experience they must be on for Olympic podium next year.
Although I've made comment on their blogs, best wishes this week to Debbie and Marco on the imminent arrival of baby Consani, hopefully this Thursday as that is the predictor guess I've made after a bit of mix up over dates. I thought when I made my guess that that was the 23rd, then I received my Golf Club AGM papers that had Thursday 24th on it. Big Stupid though didn't realise that was the date on the minutes of last years meeting, leap year makes Thursday the 22nd. It does, doesn't it? So I've altered my guess Debs, it's on the 10th comment of your last post!!
I went to the golf club yesterday with my resignation letter. I love golf, but haven't played at all in the past year and very seldom in the previous two years. I thought retirement would have allowed me to live on the course, but running takes up a lot of my time and leaves me too tired and stiff. And golf causes a different kind of stiffness that makes running difficult. They definitely don't mix for me. So I decided that the 700 quid was better in my bank account than theirs and if I want to play, all I have to do is ask a friend for a game or even pay the green fees. It'll be cheaper! The only problem is that I can step out of my front door and onto the course so I'll start getting withdrawals from the spring.
So, if Bro in law appears soon I'll run tonight and tomorrow, and if he's as late as he normally is, it'll be Sunday - Monday.

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Debbie Martin-Consani said...

I was starting to lose count of the comments. Changes duly noted though.

Thanks for the well wishes. I'd be happy with Thursday.