Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Shoes and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Three runs since my last post, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.(Not in that order though, it just scans better!) Saturday was a short off road canter along the shore path in the village, a circuit of the farmers field currently a frozen stubble barley field that is brilliant for running on, although a marsh when normal temperatures return. About a mile and a half to it and return but, looking for a bit more in terms of distance I headed through the golf course, again frozen solid but this time giving me no traction in my road shoes so I ruined what was a decent run, lost interest and headed home.
On Sunday I headed over to join the Millies Sunday run. Some discussion of routes, with Elaine changing to trail shoes when Pappert Well was first mooted. I however fancied a flatter road run as I had forgotten to pack the traillies, but was out voted as it would have meant Elaine changing again. So Pappert Well it was a six mile, with a few hundred feet of climbing that I normally enjoy. However, before getting above the habitation line at Pappert I decided it wasn't what I was looking for and reduced my pace to a walk uphill for a while but got my running legs back to run to the top and back to Alexandria. Steph then decided to go onto Carman and the Stonymollan, but I'd had enough, with my mindset in ugly mode, not enjoying it and headed off to the Sunday papers and bacon rolls.
Still I thought, I ordered new shoes on Friday from Achilles Heel Online and they would be delivered on Monday or Tuesday. I always wear Mizuno Wave Rider, and have done since about version 6 (now version 12) and have had God knows how many pairs over the years. I have very flat feet and wear orthotic insoles in neutral shoes. No matter how many other shoes I try, only Mizuno WR feel right in the shop. I thought when they announced a change of last at version 11 I would have to find a new shoe, and tried various other options. However when I tried Rider 11 it fitted like a glove. The new shoes are version 11 again with 26 quid off in the sale.
However, the down side is that AH use a courier company who insist on handing the goods to the customer I had to stay in until they arrived........ on Tuesday afternoon. Otherwise, if they fail to deliver them, you have to go to Cambuslang to get them. Of course I only realised that after I'd bought them. I'll go elsewhere next time!
So it was club night Tuesday before I got to try them, on an 8 mile run, out and back to the Arden roundabout, without headlamp (which I'd left in the car and couldn't be arsed going for). Fine until the wee kink in the path at the old Lomond Castle leisure centre, where I ran up the verge in the dark and nearly ended up on the A82. However this was the good run! After starting out steadily in a group of 7 doing the 8 miles, Steph stepped up the pace a bit, gaining about 15 yards and leaving me between him and Jimmy,Ian and Richard. I debated an easy run with them but decided that the pace wasn't that bad and caught Steph and had a brisk run out to the roundabout. Given the easy start 35 minutes out wasn't bad, as there is a fair hill on the old road at Cameron House and the dark paths which makes for careful footplacment. We turned immediately and set off back at a gradually increasing pace and I left Steph on the descent from Cameron House, arriving back in 32 minutes with an easy last few hundred yards, albeit I came back along Main St, after going out along Middleton St, so it's slightly shorter. Steph is happier running at constant pace and when he came back, via Middleton St, he was a minute up and seemed a bit miffed to have come back faster. Pace judgement isn't my strong point, so when I feel good I run harder. Unfortunately, as I keep being reminded, ultra running isn't about running hard so I'm on a pace learning curve from now on!

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