Sunday, 9 November 2008

Boturich and Horseshoe - The Long Way

Met Ali, Geraldine, Jimmy and Steph as arranged, but Steph decided to do a hil run at Luss leaving the WHW/Flingers to do their 15 mile run on the roads. Setting out from the club car park, we ran to Balloch, through the main gate of the park and after leaving via North Gate, we turned round Boturich peninsula before rejoining the A811 for a short run into Gartocharn, opting to take the Duncryne road onto the Horseshoe route. Had a sighting of a runner who looked from the distance like Marco. At the 10 mile mark Stevie turned up to relieve us of Ali, who is beginning her build up and was only wanting to do 10. She had worked hard, the language at times demonstrating just how hard! She also had a family occasion to attend, a meal to celebrate her father Davie's 80th Birthday. I've known Davie for a long time, as he used to run the snack bar at Luss Car Park, where I was the local cop for 4 years in the 80's. He doesn't have a scooby how many freebies I got from the girls who worked for him, but if he did he would be sending me the bill! Happy Birthday David!
Continuing down the Auchencarroch Rd,the pace picked up a bit but will still be described as easy inmy diary. Hard enough after yesterday's race which by the time I had finished today had taken it's toll. Passed Janet McColl of McColl's buses on the lower part of Auchencarroch Rd, being paced by a McColl's mini bus with blacked out windows! She said it was in case she needed a lift, but I think that she has identical triplets who each run a section of every run and race she does! Finishing up at the car park again we had been out for 2hrs 50, slow but the idea of these long runs is to simulate WHW race pace rather than running at what we would run for 1/2 marathon or 10k training.
Measuring the run on G maps I was astounded to find that as we had set out to run 10 miles (Ali) and 15miles (the others) we had in fact run 10.1 and 14.9. Not bad considering the Duncryne bit was added on impulse when we got to Gartocharn. Can't say we waste energy.

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