Sunday, 23 November 2008

Fail ToPrepare, Prepare To Fail

Yep, Davie does it again. After realising last night that his legs were feeling the best they've felt for weeks, and putting it down to the lack of driving required to be a househusband, he goes and makes a complete disaster of today's training run.
Up at 6.45 for brekky and gets the camelbak filled with water,cereal bars, rain jacket, yes that rain jacket, the one that cost the GDP of a small nation and promising to keep me dry in all weather. Out the door in plenty of time with rucksack,shoes to suit trail or road, desperate for a good run. Parks car at the club car park, swaps stuff into Steph's car and off we go.... No. Call from Ali and Geraldine in the other car;"Davie's not locked his car." Steph took me back. Car locked. Off to Succouth for another Sunday Tour de Ardgartan.
Reach car park, into boot.Shoes,check.Hat,check. Gloves, check. Spare pairs,check. Camelbak,@*$5^&*(£~#, and that's a long swearyword, believe me. I hadn't even left it in the car. It was still at home! Tucked up on the floor of my livingroom, warm with the central heating on seriously warm.Tucked up like I should have been on this particularly cold, wet, windy,early winter, crappy day.
Still after some hilarity from the team, I was loaned; a showerproof jacket, a water bottle to fill from a stream, and later two jelly beans a wine gum and half a banana. Just what you need on a planned 17 mile trek in the Argyll Forest park.
Off we went on a wee detour through Succouth to gain the forestry rd we had been on a short week ago. Turning towards Ardgartan, then onto the old Glen Croe road that you see below you when you're nice and dry on the A83. Weather threatened us all day, but only on the climb up from the bottom of the glen to the Rest and Be Thankful did it hit us with full force. Strong wind and sleet. Back via the Cat's Crag loop via the higher road and Loch Longside to the forestry offices, with slippery, icy surfaces on that stretch testing the grip of those Salomomns of mine. Must say they did ok. Wet,yes, but not as wet as the rest of me! At Ardgartan, Andy and I took the road way back as both sets of legs were saying no to the final climb up the forestry road back to Succouth. I was really quite bedraggled by this time, hungry, though at this time Jimmy gave me a banana. He offered Andy one but Andy said,"It's OK. I'll have a bite of that one." You mean mine! On arrival back at the car we stripped off and into a change of clothing.(I had brought that at least.) The girls had fled the scene after cutting down on reaching Cats Crag so we headed straight back to the Vale without stopping for tea. I took Jimmy's advice and spent the rest of the day in a bath and PJ's. Probably did about 16 miles at a pretty miserable clip with a lot of walking. Some days are simply better spent in bed!

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