Thursday, 27 November 2008

Club Session - Hill Reps

Didn't venture too far tonight warming up round Burnbrae before doing a club "favourite" - not session. There are three hills, on Upper Bridge St, Overtoun Rd and Margaret Drive, 3 reps on each street jog down recovery and jog between streets. There is a short recovery jog after Margaret Drive and then do them all again in reverse order. UBSt and M.Dr are short sharp hills about 100 yards or so and Overtoun is a long dragging hill. we ran to the far side of the fly-over there which gives us an extention to progress the session in future. A total of 18 hills,and combined with warmup and cooldowns comes in about 6 miles in total. I ran fairly well and was still working hard on no 18, although Mr Cowper was giving me a start and was jogging along quite nicely behind me at the end, hardly out of breath..... see these fit guys.....

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