Saturday, 22 November 2008

Milburn Harriers Balloch Park XC

Up early this morning to lay out the course for the first race of the club's cross country championship, with assistance from Jim Robertson who was essential as he was the only one who knew exactly where the course should go!
Off at 10am, and unfortunately two missed the start, Elaine who simply started a minute behind and head her time adjusted and guest Lindsay who could only run two laps as he was too late. The race was won by Stevie Cowper, club speed merchant, and Adrian, the club mountaineer, was second. I had no chance of beating them so concentrated on doing my best to beat the others. I ran, for me, a steadily paced race,realising that as long as I could stay in touch with Steph and Pat I should be able to get past them at some point on the next two laps, as I seemed stronger than them in the mud and hills in the second half of each lap. And so it proved as I managed to beat them both and finish 3rd. Geraldine won the ladies race, and overall there was a good turnout with some first timers enjoying the experience. Tea,coffee, and Jan's home baking after the race before heading home for a bath and the laundry basket!
In the afternoon I attended the Scottish Athletics Seminar in the Glasgow Marriott, where there were updates on the Commonwealth Games planning,performance planning, competition structure and a half hour talk and question and answer session with Paula Radcliffe. She spoke about racing on home soil, training, and then gave some very incisive answers to some searching questions. I got to ask one at the end;
Davie: Paula, when you've won Olympic gold and Commonwealth silver (losing to a Scot), and given your love of trails, would you consider tackling some of the long distance trail races?
Paula: Oh God No! I would like to do some fell races though..... How long are you talking?
Davie: WHW race is 95 miles.
Paula: When I did my first 1/2 Marathon I swore I wouldn't run twice that distance. So let's never say never.
Voice at the back: I asked her this morning to run the OMM with me!
Davie: What, and get her lost?

Chair: OK thanks. Lets go for coffee!

Dario...... Send her a form for 2015

Bed early, well after X Factor, as we are on the Arrochar trails again tomorrow.

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