Monday, 17 November 2008


Some good responses on my post yesterday and I took John's advice and put it on the WHW website and that generated some more responses.
Between keeping up to date on the various postings and my housework (Washing, drying,washing-up and drying,stripping bed, washing,drying, putting it back on.... hoovering, taxiing,.....) I needed a run, so set off after dark on a three mile slow recovery run round the village, staying off the hilly bits which isn't easy. The worst bit of stiffness after yesterdays run is actually in my neck due to carrying the camelbak around. I had a poor sleep because of it, so it has to be fixed. Answer? Address the cause, which in my case is poor muscle strength in the shoulder area. How? 100! I'm saying nothing about my initial test. It was piss poor, but I've started so hopefully it'll help.
Anyway, my other half is in, switched telly on for first time today and she settled in to watch last nights I'm a Celeb, only to be interrupted by the first of at least three one hour phone calls she'll receive tonight. It'll be winter in the jungle by the time she watches the whole series.Definitely not up to X factor, but then nas long as the Spanish bird is still the apple of Simon's leering eye she'll stay in the running and I'll stay watching! Sorry Debs!!


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Try doing a handstand against a wall, then see how long you can hold it. This is the best exercise I have come across for arm and shoulder strength. It's also amazing how quickly you see results. If you can hold it for 2 mins then try some push ups in that position!!
tip: Don't do this after consuming alcohol...I found this to be very dangerous!

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

The Spanish burd definitely has assets. I loved that fact that in her first audition she spoke in broken English and now she has a cocky twang. Her accent is more versitile than Lulu's.

She's almost as annoying as the little Irish twat..who in in danger of bein engulfed by his eyebrows.

Brian Mc said...

Reply to your previous blog post - I'd strongly recommend running an ultra or two before the main event. I guess you are entered for the Fling? I'd also strongly recommend entering the Wuthering Hike in Haworth, Yorkshire in mid March. Don't listen to anything bad Debs MC has to say about it! :-)

Davie said...

Fling entry in months ago! Don't know about another one before then, though I intend doing all the JK/WHW training days I can. I miss the May one as I'm on holiday but will be running in Portugal as much as I can,without losing then benefit of the rest.
Kinda tempted to do something later in the year depending on recovery. Maybe just a marathon to complete club championship race requirements.