Saturday, 8 November 2008

Glasgow University 5 Mile Road Race

To Garscube Estate to run this long standing road race for the first time. Good turn out of Millies on the last day of the 2008 club championship. The champion will be the runner who gains most points from a fixed number of varying races i.e. 1xMarathon 3xhalf marathons, 4 x 10k, 1x 10 miles and 1 x 5 miles. These can include club handicap races, but runners can select any other races at the distances. A point is gained for every mile (or nearest mile)and a point for every club member you beat. I have for the first time completed a full set of races. I was beaten by Pat and Rob whenever we raced against each other, but if they didn't run enough races.....
We'll see, but I think I'm well placed!
Stevie Cowper, by far the best Millie runner turned out today, but Stevie won't run any further than about 6 miles..... ever! Even training runs. He gets a nose bleed at 6 miles and a yard.So I had to beat Steph, Garry, Jimmy, Ed to get all the other points available to me. Steph will normally beat me but is still struggling with a back injury and I beat him last week, so I was hopeful of doing a double! Garry is really a novice at the racing but he is younger and if he puts in the training and races more then he will keep improving. Jimmy, will never beat me! If I run till I'm 90 he'll never beat me. That's because he abandoned me on a training run a few weeks ago when I was suffering after a night out. I'll never forgive him!:-)
Anyway, on arrival at Garscube I registered, and warmed up with Brian Clark of Dumbarton who had buttonholed me for a lift home, then made my way to the start. O the gun I started briskly enough and as I had started ahead of the guys took a lead to the gate onto Ilay Rd. Problem here was that the race organisers had failed to arrange for a big gate to be opened and by the time my section of the field arrived, there was a big buildup to get through the side gate. Steph, no etiquette displayed, got through before me and took a 30 yard lead off me. I workled steadily to get it back but after the hill before the turn onto Maryhill Rd he came past me again. I went past again at the entrance to the Uni estate and didn't see him after that. I was running steadily enough, but knew that the hilly nature of the course was against a really fast time. I think 7 minute miling for 5 is beyond me at the moment, but had quietly hoped for 36 minutes, and was quite happy when my watch stopped on 36.35. I didn't see Stevie after the race, but Steph, Garry,Ed and Jimmy came in steadily after me. Cooled down with Brian, then enjoyed some of the excellent buffet put on by the Uni. Had a blether with Marco and Debbie, giving her a mild ticking off for running herself in the dark when there are plenty of running groups leaving the Vale leisure centre three nights a week!

So a good race (very fast at the front end with Chris Mckay winning in 24.24) spoiled only by the gate just after the start being closed. I have thoroughly enjoyed the four races that I have run in the past four weeks and I am feeling the benefit. Glutes still tight but put some Deep Heat on, carefully, before running today and felt that had a positive effect.Just wish it smelled of roses!

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Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Call that a mild ticking off?? I will try to make it along on Wednesday.