Thursday, 20 November 2008

Easy running

Two runs to report, Jogscotland on Wednesday where four of us set off on the last of the 10 week session. Normally that means they should be doing the last run in the programme, but all the girls who run in my group have achieved this previously, and are racing 10ks on a regular basis, so they are happy just to run for around an hour. That's what we did last night, suited to all as one had another event to attend. Two found the pace just right for the distance we did, and had both been injured and missed a bit of training recently, and I was happy to get home in time to watch the Argies tribute night at Hampden! It's really sick the way our football press drum up the nationalistic feelings against our English cousins by harping back to the "Hand of God" of 1986. I mean you never hear the English press go on about 1966.
Tonight was club night and as the first of the club x country races is on Saturday a fair sized pack set out on an easy run. We just followed the 10k route, which is getting a bit boring, but in winter, as I've said before, it's difficult to get runs to measure the schedule unless someone does their homework. The run covers a bit more than the 10k in question which actually doesn't complete the loop so its about 6.5 miles. Some of the members were keener to run a bit harder so after the first mile two or three of them kicked off. I would normally have followed, but a new found discipline took over and I stayed with the pack. I'm just a wee angel so am ur!

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