Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I left the house at 6am this morning to take the Volvo down to Goole, with the intention of getting up and down in time to get to the club, this being the first day of the training schedule that Steph had compiled for Jimmy, Geraldine and Ali. As I will be running with them for most of my sessions I will also be looking for a copy of the schedule and thought better of missing the first run! As they all work, and I am now (after tomorrow) back in the realm of the retired, I will be able to put in additional work, but will need to keep an eye to their timetable to tie in with the sessions. I hope to do some walking, strength work and cross training to complement the running.
Anyway, I ended up only just making it to the club as, due to a combination of fog and wide loads, the journey up and down was very slow. We set off out to Arden roundabout for an 8 miler. Easy run out and eventually Garry and I ran hard for the last couple of miles. No idea how long we ran for as I forgot to look at the watch, but it wasn't really of any consequence due to the slow early pace. No problem with my legs which have been subjected to ice treatments for the past two nights.
Two wee jobs tomorrow within Glasgow and I'm back to full time athlete!!

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Brian Mc said...

Cheers for the comment on my blog Davie, I've answered it there.

You make me soooo jealous with all this talk of running (says he with big crepe bandage on ankle, sat at desk boo).