Saturday, 1 November 2008

Now I've done it!

"Done what?" you ask. Well it's not put on my training shoes every day and gone for a lengthy run. This week has seen my work load involve visiting Goole, Aberdeen (Dyce) 3 times,Paisley, East Kilbride, Shotts, and Glasgow. God knows how many miles, and He alone knows how many litres of Carbon Monoxide I have released into the atmosphere from gas guzzling high performance vehicular monsters. I became a danger to myself and others as I spent my days driving, arriving home to go to bed, get up and go driving. All for a wage that does not exceed the minimum as laid down by HM (non)Government.
No more. My wife, who had insisted that I get out of the house and return to earning, got to the stage when even she was getting fed up with the hours I was keeping and raised no objections when, today, I typed a resignation letter and sent it off 1st class announcing I work no more after this week. Now I have no excuse to miss runs, although I will still be seeking employment, subject to semi-retirement rules!
This week I had managed to run only once, with Jogscotland on Wednesday, where I ran my group a couple of miles before doing some hill reps (gentle) in Balloch Park and then running back for a total of 5 miles.
Tomorrow however, I will hopefully manage to run a decent Eddie's Half Marathon on my fresh legs. Quite a few Millies and associates from Jogscotland and local unattached runners are heading up to Fort William. Mairi is coming too so I won't have to drive back.
Last night, after coming back from Aberdeen in a wonderful Volvo XC90 (glad it wasn't my petrol!)I headed down to the Volunteer Rooms in Irvine to surprise my old DJing boss Willie Freckleton who was retiring from his job in entertainments at North Ayrshire Leisure.
Having been TAGGED by Rachel, this is where I get to reveal A LITTLE KNOWN FACT ABOUT MYSELF and admit to a few musical indiscretions that will have the subversive runner choking himself with his hose and Brian wondering why I don't like Ivor Cutler. As a 17 year old I worked as a DJ in Ayrshire's finest discotheques(before they took the name "night clubs" which prior to the year 2000 were where Sinatra sang cabaret). Willie Freck ran the company and we were pretty high profile in those days, hosting Radio Clyde DJs,scottish bands, The Wombles, Johnny "Tears On My Pillow" Nash,amongst others. I was the first person ever to play "Una Paloma Blanco",the first to introduce Midge Ure's Slik after they went to number one, as well as being the first DJ Willie ever sacked for being D & I and unable to go on stage!
Anyway, my niece Sarah Jane, who works in the Magnum in Irvine told me this party was on and although I hadn't seen Willie for many years I thought I would go down to wish him all the best for his retirement. It was a lovely evening, not least because Sarah Jane called a very attractive young lady over to meet me. This turned out to be Devil of the Highlands ladies race winner Sharon Law, who was Debbie's support on the WHW race, the two of them having been best pals for years and years (must have been since before they were born). We had a good blether and will no doubt meet again at the various training days over the next few months.There was also a brilliant band on, Vein. Pretty much a cabaret type band, they were unusual that, although they had about 10 musicians in the band, they had a different lead vocalist coming on to the stage for every song. I'm sure that, if I had thought to have counted them, there must have been about 30 people on the stage all told.
Anyway, more CHORES on Saturday before an early rise tomorrow for the trip to Lochaber.


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Good Luck in Lochaber

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

The poor girl has had to put up with me for nearly 20 years!

Davie said...

Did you meet at nursery?