Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Club run with head torches

Jimmy and Geraldine, having purchased head torches at cheap and cheerful prices insisted that we should run them in on a club run. I was able to appropriate my son's Pretzl torch that is used for going into the loft, having bought it a few years ago to walk the WHW. It still has the original batteries and did the job tonight on an 8 mile run out to the Arden roundabout and return. The run out was pretty nippy but the weekend is still in my legs so I eased back on the return trip as Steph headed the run home. Took a bit of a slagging from JR re my lack of jacket and Camelbak on Sunday. But I can take it! I certainly hand it out, so I've got to take it when I get it.
Missing JogScotland tomorrow night as I have to attend a cousin's funeral at 3pm in Irvine and won't get back. Elizabeth was only a year or so older than I am, so it's particularly hard to believe. She had a long illness having been diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago. I seldom saw her in adulthood, but we were certainly close when we were kids and I have no doubt that old memories will be stirred up tomorrow.

1 comment:

Steph said...

How do your get a blonde girls eyes to sparkle on a night run?

shine your headtorch in her ears