Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Club run 8 miles

Quite a big pack set out towards Renton for a loop before a backward circuit of the Vale Polaroid 10k route. Steph, Jimmy, Adrian, Garry, Geraldine, Ali and new member Richard were my company for the evening, but nice to see Kirsty make it to the club from JogScotland, another JR judo student of yesteryear. She went with Charlie and Elaine et. al. for her intro.
Steady pace for us, Ali still struggling with the pace but definitely digging in hard to stay with the group. We had to turn back to re-unite with her once, and she missed a loop but she's worth it! Maybe my fault, as at one point I was referred to a road sign which said SLOW DOWN and asked to adhere to the instruction. Me? Fast? Shurely shum mishtake!

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