Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Arden Roundabout Tuesday night

Club night and three of set off for the Arden Roundabout, Gary, seemingly recovered from his knee problem, and I - being the only men at the club tonight - went with Geraldine, just getting back into training with structure after the head teacher's obligatory 6 weeks holibags. The other ladies went off to do some intervals in the nearby streets. (It must have been a short session Jim, we saw Ali heading home and we had only gone 7 miles!) It was a good steady run out via the Old Luss Road and back via the Cameron House Hotel grounds for a total of 8 miles. and no toilet stops!! ;-)
I've arranged to meet Geraldine on Saturday morning for a long run, her choice of run to suit her fitness at the moment. All welcome! I was wakened by my son this morning (Wed) saying I had a message from her. Thinking that she had to call off, I checked the text only to find her telling me that entries had opened for the WHW, as if my blog intelligence network (BIN) hadn't already told me!
Anyway this BIN is certainly keeping the WHW race to the fore. It's amazing how everything starts to revolve round it.
We received an e-mail from a friend of a friend who has an apartment in Portugal, offering the use of it in April May or June. My thought process went "April's the fling, June the WHW and I will be looking for a break in May soooooo...... " we're going on the 4th of May!! That's the next three holidays taken care of. Tenerife on the 29th of this month, Portugal in May and Madiera in September 2009. We have a timeshare there. Funnily enough if we had gone there this year we would be there when the local Ultra race was on. They have two races 100km (24hr limit0 and 55km (15hr). Maybe next year ............. or the one after!

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Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Ha Ha. Very subtle. I would have needed three comfort breaks on an eight-miler.
Sorry I couldn't chat for long tonight. Had to get to the supermarket before closing. Lives could be lost if I don't get my spaghetti hoops. Plus, I needed my next toilet break.