Saturday, 16 August 2008

is the URL for this run. Well worth a look on the satellite view and you can imagine the scenery. Estimated the route through the Carrick as Mr Google took his photos before the course was built. Probably took the wrong line at some point but I'm sure JR will correct me! 14 miles the way I drew it. Easy run and would be a good run at pace but that's for later. Plenty of scope to extand it through the Loch Lomond course, though I think they cherish their privace a bit more.
I must say that the Carrick have an open access policy through their course which is appreciated. Although the Lands Access Act will apply, it makes it much nicer when they make it obvious you are welcome!
As an aside, I aplied for a job here as a relief starter on a part time basis but due to my holiday arrangements they didn't offer me a job. However the full time employee there is John Watt. He ran as suport for Jim Robertson on the WHW race for many years and it was only as he had to drop out due to his work this year that I volunteered and got that bug! Give him a wave if you pass him :-)

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